BioX Sensor Bands

What is BioX Sensor Band?

Control your robot with a wave of the hand.

The BioX Sensor Band is an advanced sensing technology to detect human limb motion and leg motion. The technology,  based on knowledge of bio-mechanics, robotics, and machine learning, is able to detect arm motion, leg moition, strength, and gestures accurately and conveniently.

The Bands can be used for many applications, for example:

  • exoskeleton control
  • general human-machine/robot interface
  • research and education platform, among others.

BioX References:



  • IMU raw data of arm motion, leg motion
  • FSR raw data of arm/leg muscle strength
  • Classified gestures
  • Controller signal to actuators (motors)


Interface ports:
Serial port via Bluetooth, Power via Micro USB port

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