What is BioX Armband

The BioX Armband is an advanced sensing technology to detect human limb motion. The technology,  based on knowledge of bio-mechanics, robotics, and machine learning, is able to detect arm motion, strength, and gestures accurately and conveniently.

The sensor technology was first invented by AAU in the EU AAL AXO-SUIT project of AAL Joint Programme and further developed with support by Innovation Funds Denmark. A patent has been filed by and granted to Aalborg University and licensed to BioX ApS.

The sensor band can be used for many applications, for example

  • exoskeleton control
  • general human-machine/robot interface
  • research and education platform, among others.

BIOX Armband References


Model: SAB 1.0

Mounting place: Arm (forearm, upper arm)


  • Arm motion types,
  • Gestures
  • Arm muscle strength
  • Controller signal to actuators(motors)

Interface ports:

Serial port, Digital I/O, Power via USB port

Try a fun Gesture control experience