FAQ AAL-Band 2.0 

What is included in the box
1 AAL-Band, 1 USB 2.0 A – USB 2.0 Micro B 0,5 m

How do I use AAL-Band

1. Charge band for 24 hours. 
2. Connect the band via Bluetooth to your Windows PC.
3. Install the software and start using your product.

How to connect to Bluetooth


How do I calibrate the AAL-Band
Close your fist and then press the calibrate button. Calibration indicator will turn green and then the fist can be opened. 
The intensity of the fist should be decided by the user. 

What devices is possible to connect to AAL-Band
Lego devices can be attached to AAL-Band. 

What technology does the AAL-Band use
AAL-Band uses Force Myography to read muscle activity and IMU sensors to read limb gravity, orientation, angular velocity and angular acceleration. 

How many gestures can the AAL-Band detect
10 gestures can be detected by only using Force Myography data. More gestures can also be detected by including IMU data. 

Can I use my AAL-Band without Bluetooth
No, AAL-Band can only be used with Bluetooth. 

What is the reach or the use of AAL-Band
The reach of AAL-Band is 50 meters. 

Can I collect data from my AAL-Band
Yes, all the data, i.e. Force Myography and IMU, can be collected. Details can be found in the user guide. 

How do I save the data kept
Details to save data can be found in the user guide. 

How long does the battery need to be charged
The battery needs a full charge of 6 hours.

For how long does the fully charged battery work
Battery lasts for four hours on full charge. 

Does the AAL-Band come in other sizes
Developer Edition of the AAL-Band is only available in one size a forearm with a circumference between 22-25 cm.

Where can I buy the AAL-Band
Only distributor of the AAL-Band is by the webshop – find it here: https://www.bioxgroup.dk/webshop/

Is the AAL-Band waterproof
The AAL-Band is not waterproof.

Other Questions:
Please contact: sales@bioxgroup.dk