User Cases

User Cases

Exoskeleton Angle Prediction

Exo-Ada: A Boosting Model for Exoskeleton Angle Prediction

Hand gesture recognition

Force myography benchmark data for hand gesture recognition and transfer learning

Grasping assistance control

Effective multi-mode grasping assistance control of a soft hand exoskeleton using BioX AAL Band

Control wheelchair in shared autonomy

Our client has conducted several real-world experiments and applications using the BioX AAL band in collaboration with a regional hospital. It's important to note that our technology doesn't involve remote control, but rather shared control and shared autonomy.

Real-Time Quality Inspection

Enabling real-time quality inspection in smart manufacturing through wearable smart devices and deep learning

Controlling Robot with ROS

BioX AAL Band controlling a robot using ROS

Controlling a MIR mobile robot

BioX AAL Band controlling a MIR mobile robot using ROS

Controlling a LEGO Robot

BioX AAL Band controlling a LEGO robot using bluetooth. SDK for quick start up is provided when purchased the AAL Band.

Exoskeleton payload estimation

Payload estimation using forcemyography sensors for control of upper-body exoskeleton